Acts Two Church Reopening: Phase 1

Hello Acts-Two, as most of you know, we will be returning to in-person worship service on Sabbath, June 5th. For the safety of our members and the community, we are following the recommended CDC guidelines and the Texas Conference 3-phase reopening recommendations.

For this first Re-Opening Phase, only the formal worship service will be held in the building, beginning at 50% capacity, while Sabbath School with continue to be on-line. For those individuals who are not able to attend the worship service in-person, they will be able to see it online.

Everyone who wants to attend in-person church service needs to visit our website at and register online. Registration will include a short self-screening questionnaire that includes checking your temperature and a set of symptoms to determine possible exposure to COVID-19. A separate form must be completed for each member of the family who is planning to attend service.

Registration will be on a first come first serve basis and will open at 6 pm CT on Thursdays before the Sabbath you wish to attend in-person service. Please allow those participating in the service including musicians, media and volunteers to register first then everyone else can begin registration on Friday morning. The form will automatically lock once the 50% capacity limit is reached which includes service participants.

We are encouraging everyone whose temperature is above 100 degrees or may have one or more of the symptoms listed in the questionnaire to remain at home and enjoy the service online. We are also encouraging at-risk people groups (65 and over and anyone with underlying medical conditions) to remain home and continue engaging with us remotely. Online service via YouTube will be available for those attending service remotely.

We know that many of our members suffer from seasonal allergies. To avoid creating a potential panic, if your allergies are causing you to frequently touch your eyes, nose, and mouth, you may want to consider staying home until your symptoms are better. Again, people will be on heightened alert, and we do not want to cause embarrassment to any member.

Once you arrive at church, you will have your temperature checked. If it is below 100 degrees, you will complete a very short in-person registration form and asked to follow the safety guidelines for in-person worship. These guidelines will include observing the 3 W’s - Wash hands, Wear a mask and Watch your distance.


  • Wash hands (especially before leaving the restroom)

  • Wear a Mask - Masks must be always worn when inside our building unless speaking or singing up front. Masks will be available for those who come without them.

  • Watch your distance (6 feet apart). Social distancing guidelines will be followed when on church property. Families sitting in a pew can ignore the 6-foot guideline. Also, if you are vaccinated and know the other person is vaccinated.

  • Use the church’s front entrance only. Attendees/members will sit in the marked pews which will be alternate rows from front to back. Once service concludes, attendees will be dismissed by deacons by row from the back onward in order to ensure there is social distancing.

  • Greeters will not open doors for our guests and will practice social distancing.

  • No handshakes or hugs are to be given.


  • We ask anyone who attends church and subsequently receives a positive COVID-19 test to self-report to either the Pastor as soon as possible.


These guidelines, while seeming restrictive, are necessary actions required to continue to protect our members from potentially spreading COVID-19. We recognize that several of our members fall into the “at-risk” category by either age or physical ailments.

We want to make sure that we consider this as the public strives to return to public life. Our hopes are that some of these restrictions may one day be lifted, but some of the guidelines listed above may become a “new normal” for public worship services. We also realize that many of these will seem over restrictive, but we are doing our best to ensure our members are safe as possible as they attend and worship at the ActsTwo Church.

Advancing through phases will depend on the success of current phase that is being implemented, no outbreaks for a period of at least 2 months and the planning group recommendations as approved by the board.

Guidelines used:

  • Centers for Disease Control Guidelines